Consultancy and Advisory

Garden Maintenance

Gardening gives us pleasure as we watch the plants grow.With our care, love, and nurture we see the plants growing and flowers bloom, this is sight to cherish, thus we say gardening gives us a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. From our garden we can get fruits, vegetables & flowers, by this we can enjoy our own hard work. We can get healthy fruits, vegetables,flowers to decorate. Thus, in this manner too, gardening helps us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor plants do not need too much sun, thus can stay in shade or semi shade areas. Easy to maintain are Arica Palm, Syngonnium, money plant etc.

The only mantra of gardening the perfect way is to check your plant before watering. If it’s dry, then water thoroughly. 

Growing in planter or in soil is dependent on space, time and resources available at ones disposal. But Bonsai can grow only in planter and trees in ground.

Yes, decorative stones hamper the plant’s health since they do not let the soil breathe and tend to suffocate the roots of the plant.