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Our mission is to help women and men own their look and solve their skin problems with a simple and effective natural skin ingredient routine.

Our products are designed to minimize skin and hair damage caused by pollution.


We are committed to helping and empowering Graduate, Under-graduates and Non-graduates BY:

Transfer of knowledge on cosmetology at a very affordable budget.

Promoting the diversity of natural beauty.

Offering opportunities to people to start their own business.

So To:

Reduce the statistic of unemployment in Africa.

Reduce crime rate and corruption.


We use intelligently crafted natural ingredients to achieve your goals.

And delivering in grand creative style to our beloved customers.



We support:

Global development

Green initiatives and

Emerging markets.



Our products solve common skin and hair problems.

Help solve common skin problems such as; acne, allergies rashes, dry skin, high pigmentations, scars, wrinkles, un even skin tone, blemishes, rough and flaky skin, crack lips, eczema.

Help solve common hair problems such as; dandruff, hair loss, frizzy and brittle hair, split ends and flyaway hair, dry and dull hair, oily hair, heat damaged hair, chemical damaged hair, transition hair into natural, color damaged hair, hair breakage, lack of volume, flaky scalp, tangles and knots.

We carefully select the natural and organic ingredients.

No fillers.

Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

We use the highest % of active ingredients for maximum results.

Customer Reviews

Mrs Franca

I love the SHEA RADIANCE WOMEN collection. Very Affordable. Thanks to Becca organic care

Austin Sloka

I love the SHEA RADIANCE MEN collection. Forever a fan. Thanks to Becca organic care

Opeyemi Akilo

I love the CITRUS ZEST BODY BODY. Forever a fan. Thanks to Becca organic care


Got my first product FREE. Thanks to Becca organic care

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